Welcome to
Thorsen~Hixenbaugh~Kovaleski Wealth Advisors!

outside building - photoshopped.jpg
This is the front of our building, the Landmark Center One. It is big and blue like its original tenant, IBM. Also, John started his financial advisor career in this building in 1983, so it is a full circle trip for him. Our suite is located in the front right corner on the first floor of this lovely building that overlooks Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.
WF_229e lake team in tour office website page.jpg
Our team across the steet from our office at Lake Eola with the iconic fountatin and Orlando skyline.

Front Lobby Picture.jpg

Welcome to the reception area of our office!
When you arrive one of our team memebers will greet you... today it is Jessie and Sarah. 
Middle Office Picture.jpg

Heila, Patty, Donna, and Sarah’s workstations are found on your way to our primary client conference room located to the far right.
Triangle THK_1228x756.jpg
J.R. and Kent in our "triangle conference room" named for its unique design. We enjoy meeting clients here as it feels like gathering in a park with air conditioning. Occasionally a swan or two will wander over from Lake Eola and tap on the windows.
Team Conference THK_1228x756.png
John and Karen are in our team conference room adjacent to the reception area. Here we host team meetings covering strategic planning, client service ideas, and other component of our group's best practices. This also serves as an additional client meeting area.
Jack and Mike Cropped 7.19.jpg

We hope to share kind words and helpful advice while we are meeting with you on the phone, in person or via Zoom. Most of our days are spent here in our private offices talking with you, reviewing portfolios, and continuing our education. Above you will find office neighbors, Jack and Mike, on their computers. The suite is unique as every office has a view of Lake Eola.

We look foward to you visiting us!